Jump Out

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A Boston woman taking her son’s dog for a walk tried to take a shortcut to the beach and ended up needing to be rescued when she sank into some deep mud.

Camille Coelho, 54, said she was taking her son’s dog, Lucy, to walk on Constitution Beach in East Boston to find sea glass for her jewelry business when she decided to take a shortcut through what appeared to be gravel, but turned out to be mud.

“I have never walked these flats. I don’t plan on walking the flats again,” Coelho told WBZ-TV. “It looked like it was gravel, and I was trying to cut through the gravel to get to the beach. And it was not gravel.”

Coelho said she ended up more than knee-deep in the mud.

“It’s a great metaphor for the year,” she told the Boston Herald. “I can’t believe it. I stepped in mud and pretty soon it was up to my knees and I was stuck.”

Witnesses summoned firefighters to the scene and they put a ladder down on long boards to reach Coelho and Lucy, who did not sink but remained dutifully by Coelho’s side.

Coelho was not injured and she said she was able to find some sea glass after being rescued.