Jump Out

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Nine years ago, a gross miscarriage of NFL justice carried Saints coach Sean Payton out of the NFL for a year. During that year, he helped coach his son’s youth football team.

And there’s a show, that’s a show. Or at least a movie. From Adam Sandler’s Happy Madison Productions, Home Team stars Kevin James as Payton, via Peter King of Football Morning in America.

King writes that Payton recently read the script and made some corrections. Filming starts later this year; the movie will land on Netflix.

James starred in the long-running CBS sitcom The King of Queens along with multiple films, including the Paul Blart: Mall Cop franchise. Which is fitting, because it was mall-cop level investigation and decision-making that resulted in such stringent penalties being imposed against the Saints for a cultural phenomenon that happened in most if not all NFL locker rooms until the league office decided to make an example out of one team — and to ignore everywhere else that it was happening.