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49ers, Patriots have committed to attend Justin Fields’ second Pro Day

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan was the first person to mention that Justin Fields would hold a second Pro Day workout for NFL teams, so it doesn’t come as much

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Japanese-European research team discovers novel genetic mitochondrial disorder

DNA ligase proteins, which facilitate the formation of bonds between separate strands of DNA, play critical roles in the replication and maintenance of DNA. The human genome encodes three different

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Brazilian payments network Elo picks banks for IPO

Brazilian payments firm Elo has chosen six banks to manage its initial public offering, four sources close to the matter said, in the first concrete sign it is proceeding with

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Call for writers: TechSpot is hiring staff writers and how-to specialists

TechSpot is looking to hire staff writers that are driven and enthusiastic about technology in general. If you are a TechSpot reader, you will know this requires profound understanding of

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British police wrangle escaped llama

Police in Britain said officers ended up in an unusual chase when an escaped llama went wandering through a neighborhood. The Salisbury Police said in a Facebook post that Community

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